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Hugs for Valentine's Day

February 12, 2021
Hugging day at Huntington Court really doesn't require many words, the pictures speak for themselves! We do want to take time to thank maintenance for building this for us and all the staff that helped make this happen. This was such a special time for our resident's and our loved ones. It has been more than a year since some of them have been able to share a hug!

This is by far the most touching event we have witnessed at Huntington Court. There were lots of smiles and tears, it was a very emotional day for our residents and our loved ones. We are very humbled and honored to be able to be a part of this. Most importantly thank you to our family's and special community volunteers that gave hugs for resident's that didn't have people able to come.

It certainly was not a warm day for this but warmth from all the love beats a sunny day every time! We hope you enjoy these beautiful moments we caught on camera. We'll be printing these photos to send out to the residents and their family's as well. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!

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