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A Poem to Our Therapy Team!

May 25, 2021

Below is a poem by Darlene, one of our residents at Huntington Court, written about our Physical and Occupational Therapist. Darlene, this is hands down the best gift that could be given to anyone in the healthcare field! To be told in such a kind creative way what a great job they are doing! You are such a thoughtful sweet lady!!

Amber and Andrew - Therapists at Huntington Court

Amber and Andrew thank you so much for making such a difference in the lives of our residents! We asked Darlene to take a picture with Amber and Andrew so everyone could see this special lady but, she was modest and declined. May everyone in healthcare strive to show the care and compassion Amber and Andrew do and be privileged enough to care for special people like Darlene.

Amber and Andrew

Amber is a therapist Andrew too
Both wear their profession well it's true
They have their residents best interest in mind
They are caring and also kind
They're teaching me how to be me again
Their motivation doesn’t end
They keep me moving on certain days
Progress we made in many ways
I’m thankful for Amber and Andrew
God Bless them with what they need to do
They work to fulfill residents needs
Their goal is for us to succeed
Encouragement for us they provide
Happiness for us they won’t hide…
Amber and Andrew you’re on top
Don’t let your empathy for others ever stop

At Huntington Court we are dedicated to our residents and are determinded to provide them the best care by finding the right people for our team. If you are interested in joining our team, click the 'Careers' button below to see all of our current opportunities.


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